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CVG Fir With a Clear Finish – Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets


I have always liked the look of CVG Fir with a clear finish. It is not to dark or light, the nuetral natural tones blend well with other woods and finishes. If you look closely the grain looks like pinstriping, but it is so mild that it does not take over. The best part about CVG Fir is that the color does not change drastically over time. If you put a clear finish on Alder the color will wash out. If you put a clear finish on Cherry it will continue to darken over time. But CVG fir just developes a nice mild amber. This is important if you plan on having cabinetry that will last well over 30 years.  These kitchen and bathroom cabinets are stunning!

Modern Home With Kitchen, Office and Media Cabinets


Check out this modern home! Walnut cabinets and painted kitchen cabinets. Everyone on this project really came through to make sure the customer’s vision became a reality. There is still a little work left to be done so keep posted for more pictures when it is finished.

Traditional Pickled and Glazed Vanity


Traditional Pickled and Glazed bathroom vanity to match existing dresser. This month has been a whirlwind as we jump from traditional, modern, transitional, rustic, and industrial design styles. It feels great having complete confidence in our crew to bring all of these styles to life with nothing more than a picture, sketch, or conversation. And they do all this without missing a single step. We could not be more proud of the employees and the culture in the shop right now.