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3 Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design Elements to Consider

Your new custom kitchen cabinets are just that…yours! You should work with a custom cabinet builder that’s going to make every effort to make you happy. Custom kitchens are a big investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take your time and get what you want. Here are a few design elements to consider when working with a designer!


Not everyone is the “average size”….some of us are quite a bit shorter and some of us are quite a bit taller. Those are called outliers. Outside of the average. Well, they need custom cabinets too! Especially if this is your “forever home”. By adding ergonomically designed elements, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your kitchen for years. One idea, especially for taller people, is to go with drawers instead of open lower cabinets. You can put quite a bit of stuff in drawers and this will keep you from having to bend over to look deep into the dark spaces within your cabinets. Check out this article on this “back saving” idea! Your back will thank you!


Rooms are rarely square in your home. There’s usually a strange corner here or an oddball angle there that has to be dealt with. Your new custom kitchen cabinets will, or should, be designed with those quirks in mind. That’s why they’re custom right?  One of the best ideas we’ve seen recently is extending cabinets to the ceiling. They look great and they make efficient use of previously unused “dead space”. According to a 2015 article on, “Extending your cabinets all the way to the ceiling elongates a room, tricking your eyes to think it’s quite bigger than it really is.”


This one may seem a little strange. You plan on cooking in there right? But, what if you’re an amateur baking sensation and you need lots and lots of counter space to work? What if you have large kitchen appliances that need to be hidden from view when not in use? These are the types of questions that your designer will help you with when planning your cabinet build plan. An article on talks about the storage needs of serious cooks…” Serious cooks store more pots, tools and food than most homeowners. ‘Think of the kitchen as prime real estate,’ said Catherine Titus Felix, an Asbury, New Jersey, cooking teacher”. Put that kitchen to work for you! You’ll appreciate the additional space.

By keeping these design elements in mind, you’ll have a great shot of getting that kitchen you’ve always wanted!


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