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Revamp Your Bathroom With These Tips

Is your bathroom feeling a bit dark and dingy these days? With these simple tips we will help you vamp up your bathroom game. Before too long your bathroom will be the envy of your friends, family, and neighbors!

  1. Paint your bathroom

We realize that this sounds obvious; however, painting your bathroom a lighter or more complimentary color can make a world of a difference. Painting your bathroom a lighter color is also been proven to lift your mood, which makes mornings a lot easier! Check out this article on where they talk about the color of the room vs your mood! We could all use a little more positive energy in the morning right?

  1. Boost cabinet efficiency

Now this is where Sweetwood Custom Cabinets come in! Simple additions like pullout shelves to make deeper cabinets more accessible and keep necessities viewable will help a lot! Equipping cabinet interiors with these sliding surfaces helps you avoid digging around in the dark or buying more of the things you already have on hand. You might compare bathrooms to small kitchens in that they really need to be well thought out. Check out our blog on small kitchens and you may get some ideas to help out in other small spaces!

  1. Personalize!

Bathroom decor isn’t as expensive as it sounds; check out your favorite local Target or TJ Maxx for decor that matches your new paint color. If you’re on an even tighter budget then it’s time to get creative! Thrift stores make a perfect outlet for finding new decor, even if it doesn’t match your new vibe you can always give it a light coat of spray paint. has a great article on how to decorate with thrift store finds! Other than the price, the best thing about thrift stores is that you never know what you’ll find from day to day!


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