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benefits of uncommon cabinets

3 Benefits of Uncommon Kitchen Cabinets

Hardwood is the most common material used for kitchen cabinets. However, it’s not the only material that you can find. There are composite kitchen cabinets which are made of a hardwood veneer with a layer of plywood or press-board underneath. The most exciting and visually interesting cabinets are those that are much less common, though. Metal and glass are two options for creating a very visually appealing cabinet. They’re also naturally waterproof, nonporous, and easy to clean.

1- They’re Easy to Clean

Glass and metal are the most common of the uncommon materials used for kitchen cabinets. When the cabinet is made of metal, it is typically made of aluminum because aluminum is such a lightweight metal. It’s lightweight and strong; it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any of the common metals. The cabinet can be made of solid aluminum or just a veneer of aluminum over a wooden cabinet. Aluminum is nonporous, which means that spills and stains will not seep into the cabinet doors. Furthermore, it is scratch resistant. That means that you can typically clean a metal cabinet with just some mild detergent and a cloth.

The same is true of glass cabinets. Glass cabinet doors will not absorb stains or moisture; they also will not scratch easily. You can wipe them clean with little effort.

2 – They’re Visually Appealing

Glass cabinets serve two main visual functions. They allow more light and openness into a kitchen. Also, they allow you to see your dishes. If you have a nice set of dishes that you’re very proud of, you would be hiding them away in a wooden cabinet. If you want to show off your fine dishes, you need glass.

Furthermore, glass will create the look of openness and light in a room. Kitchens can sometimes be cramped and dark. Glass will alleviate that. Lastly, metal actually reflects the light when polished. That will literally brighten a room. Also, metal lends any kitchen a modern and up-to-date look. Finally, metal and glass are great because they’re durable.

3 – They’re Timeless

Every generation is littered with popular looks that do not age well; a perfect example is the wood paneling of the 1970s. To avoid that trap, you should think about aluminum or glass kitchen appliances and cabinets. For decades, these materials have been popular for kitchen design and have never gone out of style. They have withstood the test of time and will continue to do so.


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