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Cabinet Efficiency Is the Name of the Game

Lately, minimalism, open concepts, and clean lines have been very popular. Cluttered countertops and bulky appliances are on the way out. So, how are homeowners creating open spaces while still having all of the kitchen appliances they need? How are they doing it without increasing the actual amount of space 9in their homes? Efficient cabinets are the best way to accomplish that. That means putting cabinets in places where there might usually be false cabinet fronts, and also utilizing cabinet space as effectively as possible. 

Everything Is a Cabinet

In many kitchens, you might have cabinets up on the wall and then a few below the countertops. The corners and other tight spaces might have false cabinet fronts. That’s because those small, tight spaces are often thought of as not big enough to be useful cabinets. If you want to maximize your efficiency, you need to consider making those cabinets as well. For example, if you have a small space at a right angle in your cabinet, you could still use that space as a cabinet. Cookie sheets and flat pans can be turned on their side and slid into the cabinet vertically. That will save you space in your other cabinets. 

Similarly, consider adding more shelves to your cabinets. If you have a cabinet with a lot of vertical space, you probably aren’t utilizing it. Leave enough space on the bottom for tall pots and pans, but add another shelf. That second shelf can as much as double the amount of shelving without increasing any volume in the cabinet. 

Efficient Cabinets

More efficient cabinets are in the same vein as cabinet shelves. There are dozens of different types of cabinet inserts that can be added to a cabinet to make it work better. Lazy susans are rotating shelves that allow you to stack items deep into the cabinet. Without a lazy susan, it can be a serious hassle getting to spices at the back of the cabinet. With a lazy susan, you can just spin them to the front. That allows you to utilize the entire cabinet. 

Similarly, you can find inserts that allow you to stack cookie sheets vertically or pullout trays that convert a cabinet into a multi-level drawer. Bread boxes allow you to store small items that might roll around in a standard cabinet. 

All of these things can greatly maximize your cabinet space without taking up any actual space.

Contact a Professional Cabinet Builder in Boise

Cabinets are one of the most difficult pieces to build and install when it comes to your kitchen remodel. Don’t try to do it yourself and don’t settle for the cookie-cutter ones at Lowe’s. The team at Sweetwood Cabinets has been building and installing cabinets for over 20 years and we can help turn your dream kitchen into a reality! Call today to get started.


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