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Cabinet colors: Sweetwood Cabinets

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your New Cabinets

When installing new cabinetry in your home you may be wondering how to best choose your cabinet color. Cabinet colors are a big decision and there are some factors you will want to consider when choosing your color.

First, talk to your custom cabinet maker about the type of wood you are using and if it is something that can be stained. Some woods do not stain the same as others because they have closed pores. Also, some cabinets may look best painted a solid color instead of being stained. Depending on the wood you are using you may have a wide variety of options or you may be advised to stay with the natural look of the wood. Some woods can be tinted as well, which allows you to add an opaque color to the surface which adds a touch of color but also brings out the natural beauty of the cabinetry.

Next, consider the overall look of your kitchen. When choosing a cabinet color, you will want to consider all the materials you are using in your kitchen. If you are using light wood flooring, light counter tops and light back splash a dark stained cabinet may be your ideal choice. Collecting samples of all the materials you are using is a great way to narrow down the cabinet stain choices you might like. The cabinet maker will likely provide you with door samples and stain samples to allow you to choose all your materials and lay out the design choices together.

Then you will want to think about the lighting in the space. A bright kitchen can handle darker cabinetry but a gloomier space without natural light may feel very gloomy with a dark stain. Dark stains are beautiful but can be very overpowering in a room. You will also want to think about how the lights in your space will be affected by the color choice you use. If you have a lot of lighting fixtures, dark cabinets may still be an option without a lot of natural light. That will be a tough decision!

Finally, consider the current trends and work with your cabinet maker to finalize your choice. Consulting the current trends is just one way you can come up with ideas for cabinet colors. Blues and greens may have never been on your mind for cabinetry, but they are very popular these days as an accent color for cabinetry. Working alongside your cabinet expert can help you create a beautiful final product that you will be happy with for years to come.

Choosing a cabinet color does not have to be a scary ordeal. Consider the materials you are using, and overall look of your home and you will be able to narrow down the choices with ease.


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