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Hot Custom Cabinet Design Trends for 2017

Spring will be here for you know it and so will remodeling season! Whether you remodel for your own personal use or to help make your home sell faster, you’ll want to keep these trends in mind. Check out these three trends and see if you agree!


Most kitchens will have matching upper and lower cabinets. However, many new designs are coming out with different colors between the two. Maybe your island is a different color than your wall cabinets for instance. Read more here about how to use color to create a focal point in the room. The use of multiple colors doesn’t fit everyone’s tastes, but it can certainly make a room stand out. And, if you’re looking to sell your home, we all know what the most important room in the house is! The kitchen!


More and more, we are beginning to see the color gray as a popular option for kitchen cabinets. It’s definitely cutting edge as most kitchen cabinets are typically some shade of natural wood grain or white. According to this 2016 article, Pinterest predicted gray as the next big color trend. Will this last? How will gray cabinets be received from potential home buyers 10 or 15 years from now? As with most kitchen remodels, ensure you have quality cabinets first and foremost. The color can be changed more easily than the cabinet itself. If you settle for low quality in the construction of your cabinets, you’ll pay more later should you decide to sell.


A kitchen is nothing if not versatile. You need space for cooking and doing the normal kitchen stuff anyone would do. But, we also now want to look at ways to multi-use this valuable space. Custom kitchens are now being designed with appliance garages to put larger, occasional use items away when not needed. Here’s a recent article from the DIY Network about appliance integration and garages! These factors are especially true in smaller spaces. If you have a kitchen that also doubles as a dining space, a homework space, or a crafting space, you’ll definitely need to keep an eye on function!


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