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Increase profit with custom kitchen cabinets - Sweetwood

Custom Cabinets Add to Resale Profits

The Boise real estate market remains a “sellers’ market” as home inventory remains low. If you’re planning on selling your home in the next few years, consider the addition of custom kitchen cabinets to maximize your sales potential and sell your home faster and at a higher profit.

Across the board, most people will agree that kitchens sell homes. Buyers will overlook a lot, but a poorly designed and equipped kitchen is rarely one of them! One of the more highly desirable features is a custom kitchen island. According to a 2013 article on USA Today, 48% of buyers are willing to pay extra for this option. Make the most of this island with custom cabinet storage solutions for even more impact.

Keep in mind that any money you spend on a kitchen upgrade will need to be recovered in the sale. Preferably at a profit! It will be best to keep your renovation budget commensurate with your homes’ target sale price. If you can put $20,000 into a new kitchen and increase your sales price by $30,000, that’s probably a pretty good decision. But, it’s still one that needs to be planned accordingly. As anyone who’s done a renovation in the past knows, that $20,000 number will likely creep up as the project goes along.

Talk to your kitchen design company, real estate professionals, and friends to get ideas on what you should include in your new kitchen. Real estate pros know the current trends and will be able to help you determine the “must haves” in your upgraded kitchen space. Take advantage of their experience and you’ll have a better product at the end.

Another idea is to watch plenty of reality TV! While it may give you a headache from time to time, it’s better to watch some of the other projects work through problems than experience them yourself. There is no shortage of television programs that feature kitchen remodeling nightmares. A little TV time may save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours!


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