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Your “Dream Kitchen” in Your New Home!

Buying a new home is always exciting…whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or moving for other reasons! It’s often said you should buy the “neighborhood” instead of a house. Why? Because you can’t change the neighborhood! But you can change the house!

The kitchen is typically referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared, stories are shared, homework is done…you get the idea! It’s the central hub of activity. If you’ve recently purchased a home that’s not quite your dream, then start with the kitchen.

Custom kitchens can be pricey…there’s no denying that. But, when you consider the amount of time that is spent in the kitchen and the amount of activity that occurs there, it makes sense that it can be somewhat expensive to remodel. It’s a functional space that must look good and perform well!

If you’re going to remodel, think about how the space will be used now, and in the future! One day, this home that fits you perfectly, will no longer be the right fit. It will be time to move on. Remodeling today means thinking about tomorrow…or even 15 years from now. Here’s a recent article on design ideas.

The younger generation is more curious about cooking that ever before. According to a recent article on, “Younger generations are more suspicious of food prepared by corporations than their parents were, which has led to a resurgence of interest in homemade cooking. It’s seen as safer and more wholesome.” Kitchens need to be useful, practical, and attractive. A tough combination for sure!

Moving into your dream “neighborhood” is a priority, whether it’s in Boise, Meridian, Nampa or Bangkok! Making the home you purchase, your dream home, can take time. Start with what matters most. Start with the kitchen and expand from there. After all, it’s the Grand Central Station of your own little world! If it’s happening, it’s probably happening in your kitchen.


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