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Cabinets & Mud Rooms

Mudrooms may not get as much attention as the kitchen but they are ground zero for messes and deserve a lot more praise than they get. When remodeling or building a mudroom there are a lot of different ways to make the space beautiful and highly functional.

First, consider the flooring. Tile, luxury vinyl or another hard surface and water resistant flooring is the ideal option. If you have wood flooring or even carpet in this space it will likely get dirty and wear quickly because of all the muddy boots, wet umbrellas and other items that get left in this space.

The mudroom needs to have a place to hang bags and coats and ideally a place to sit. People often add a bench with cubbies for members of their family to put items like hats, gloves, and scarves and behind the bench they add hooks. These hooks are great for storing coats and backpacks. Ideally you will want each member of your household to have their own hook.

Every mudroom needs a utility sink. A utility sink is the perfect place to wash muddy shoes, rinse your hands after coming in from gardening and can hold wet swimsuits until you are ready to wash them.

Mudrooms have started to become a combination area that stores all your “leaving the house” items but also includes the laundry space. These areas can be combined to give you a larger space and add a  lot of storage. The laundry room can have built in washer and dryers, hampers, storage for supplies and even an air drying and ironing areas.

Mudrooms are the ideal area to put your pets crates. This area is normally where you enter and exit the house so they will be able to go outside quickly after being let out of their crates to use the bathroom and you can stash toys and leashes for walks. Some homeowners like to add an airtight dog food drawer into their cabinet build to keep food free of pests and keep the room looking clutter free. If your mud room has enough space you may even want to consider a dog washing area.

If your family is active in sports you may want to consider adding cabinet space to store sporting equipment. Sporting equipment seems to never have an ideal place to go but the mudroom can be a perfect solution for stashing big gym bags, balls, bats, and other equipment.

The mudroom may quickly become the hub of your home and adding an “organization station” is a great ideal. Add a calendar, bulletin board and even a mail holder to keep your family organized.

Finally, add a full length mirror to the back of the door so you can make sure you are put together before you jet out the door.

A custom mudroom may seem like an unnecessary expense but when you think about all that a mudroom does and stores you will quickly realize it is the control center of your home. Custom cabinets are a great way to make the most out of your mudroom space.


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