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New Accent Hardware Can Spruce Up Old Cabinets

The look of your cabinets can be enhanced with dozens of different types of materials, paint colors, stain colors, and hardware choices. However, when it comes down to it, there are two basic components to a cabinet: there is the cabinet door, and there is the hardware. If you want to change the way your cabinet looks, you’ll need to change one or both of those things. Changing your hardware can spruce up your cabinets for a fraction of the cost and effort of changing the doors themselves. So, what is accent hardware? 

Antique Hardware

Accent hardware is eye-catching cabinet pulls and hinges. Antique hardware is one of the most effective ways to do that. Hardware from old furniture was often handcrafted or produced in much smaller batches, with greater attention to design. That’s why so many antique cabinets look ornate when they might have been pretty standard at the time. You can choose authentic antique hardware to make your cabinets stand out. You can also choose hardware that’s just been designed to look antique. 

When you’re choosing authentic or new antique hardware, you’ll also need to choose the patina. The patina is the signs of weathering and age that comes from years and years of use. The metal will likely grow dull. Oils from hands will collect in cracks and creases of the metal to darken those areas. It can be a very exciting look that some people want to preserve. Others might choose fully restored hardware that looks like it was just created even though it’s antique. 

Bold Colors

Most cabinet hardware is metal, but it can still come in bold colors. For example, stainless steel is often a pretty standard silver color. However, polished steel can really shine. Similarly, polished brass can gleam like gold. Aluminum can also provide a great contrast to your cabinets. Choosing the bold color will often depend on the color of the cabinets themselves. A purple or a blue cabinet might look great with something bright and gold. A neutral cabinet might look great with a silvery metal. 

Black is also an option. Wrought iron is naturally black, but painted black hardware is an option. Lastly, metal can be blacked in a factory. It’s a chemical process by which the surface of the metal is transformed to a solid black color. It’s a permanent look that’s more durable than paint. 

Any of these options could radically transform your cabinets with minimal effort.


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