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Open Shelving in your Kitchen Remodel

When designing your new custom cabinets you may want to consider the option of adding open shelving. This trend is appealing because it allows you to personalize the space and constantly evolve your design. Open shelving is also great in other rooms like bathrooms, built in entertainment centers and other spaces.

Open shelving adds a lot of visual space to a kitchen, which is a great way to make a smaller or darker kitchen feel bigger. With light tile behind the open shelving you will love how big the space appears with just this small change. Lighting can be installed under the shelves to add even more light to the room.

Open shelving in kitchens allows you to turn your plates, serving ware and other items into décor items. Also, you can add décor items to the shelves to add design and style to your home.

Open shelving is highly functional while still being beautiful. The open shelving makes it easy to find your items in the kitchen. Also, the fight to keep the cabinet doors shut will finally be over!

The choice to add open shelving to your custom kitchen is just the beginning of the possibilities. There is no limit to how you can decorate and utilize the built-in open shelves.


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