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CVG Fir With a Clear Finish – Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets


I have always liked the look of CVG Fir with a clear finish. It is not to dark or light, the nuetral natural tones blend well with other woods and finishes. If you look closely the grain looks like pinstriping, but it is so mild that it does not take over. The best part about CVG Fir is that the color does not change drastically over time. If you put a clear finish on Alder the color will wash out. If you put a clear finish on Cherry it will continue to darken over time. But CVG fir just developes a nice mild amber. This is important if you plan on having cabinetry that will last well over 30 years.  These kitchen and bathroom cabinets are stunning!

Modern Home With Kitchen, Office and Media Cabinets


Check out this modern home! Walnut cabinets and painted kitchen cabinets. Everyone on this project really came through to make sure the customer’s vision became a reality. There is still a little work left to be done so keep posted for more pictures when it is finished.

Rustic Stained and Glazed Cabinets


Rustic Stained and glazed kitchen cabinets with light distressing and chiseled edges. We don’t normally get a chance to snap some before shots, but we managed to grab some on this job. Check out this amazing transformation from a dysfunctional early 80’s kitchen to this customers dream kitchen.

Full House Custom Cabinets


As much as we hate to admit to making mistakes, I am really proud of the response we received to this one. A little over a year ago we finished up a project that was really fun to work on and ended up featured in “Treasure Magazine”. The customer was awesome, the contractor and subcontractors were top notch, and the pictures at the end of the job were beautiful. But there was something wrong hiding under the surface.

We had received some bad advice to thin our paint with a product that turned out to be incompatible with what we were spraying. The issue was not apparent at first. The job looked great when we wrapped up, but within a year there were a few spots on the cabinets that showed wear from day to day cleaning. The customer did call back, but not for what you would think. They did not call back about the finish, but rather to get a bid on some additional work. While we were out there giving a bid the issue with the paint was spotted and we knew something was amiss. What happened next is the reason I will admit to making mistakes.

Brian came back to the shop and he let us all know the situation. After a quick conversation with the paint supplier, everyone in our shop agreed that the right thing to do was to refinish the entire job at no cost. It was a lot of work and it took some time to figure out a process to correct the bad advice, but we all knew it was the right thing to do. In the end the customer has a much more durable finish than before and was happy enough to write us a glowing review.

The big takeaway of all of this is that we work in an industry where mistakes happen, and bad advice can be given, and unforeseen situation will arise. So the real question is, how confident are you that your cabinet company will make the right choice when it counts?

Photo Credits: Darin Oswald – Idaho Statesman