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Preparing for new cabinets - Sweetwood Cabinets

Preparing Your Home for New Cabinets

There are a lot of steps that are included in remodeling a kitchen! Before adding new custom cabinetry, it is important to ensure your home is safe and prepared for your beautiful new project. A new kitchen can require a lot of areas of our homes to be addressed including paint, flooring, plumbing and even roofing.

After the winter Idaho say last year you may be doing some big remodels thanks to a roof leak or ice dam. Many homeowners found themselves with water leaking into their drywall, floors and even their kitchen cabinetry. No matter the reason you are adding new cabinets to your home you will want to ensure your roof is protecting your home properly to keep your beautiful kitchen remodel intact.

When installing new cabinets you may need to have your flooring repaired or more flooring added to address any areas that previously had cabinets but no longer do. Additionally you may have to have flooring removed if it is too high for the cabinet install or would otherwise impede the new installation. A contractor can help you assess what work will need to be done. Having your wood flooring refinished prior to the cabinet installation is a great way to ensure the project will look top-notch in the end.

Paint is almost always necessary with a kitchen remodel. Often times paint is scuffed during the removal and installation process and the paint can need some repair. Also if the walls were painted a new color you may need to do some touch ups in areas where the old paint becomes exposed after new cabinets are installed. The new paint can be a real face lift for your kitchen even beyond the new cabinetry.

Properly preparing your home for new cabinets can help ensure your home looks flawless after the installation.


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