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Reclaimed Wood Has Claimed Cabinetry Too

Reclaimed wood is the hottest trend in interior design at the moment. You see it used in hardwood floors, kitchen islands, countertops, bathrooms, and much more. It’s also being used in cabinets. So, what is reclaimed wood? Reclaimed wood is wood that has previously been used for some other purpose and is reclaimed for a new use. That could mean something as simple as wooden cabinets used in one house being sold to be used in a different house. However, the implication is often that the wood has been used for some significantly different purpose and that the wood has been weathered. Barnwood is often considered the ideal kind of reclaimed wood.


What is Barnwood?

 As the name suggests, barnwood is wood that was used in barns. The wood is often unfinished wood used on the exterior of the barn. The exposure to the elements has caused the wood to develop a rich patina that is difficult to replicate. Oftentimes, the ends are cracked and splintered, the wood has old nail holes, and the color is uneven. All of these weathered characteristics just add to the look of the wood.


How Is It Used?

 Any type of reclaimed wood is basically used the same way as any new hardwood would be used. A company will source reclaimed wood from several different sources. They’ll then piece together the planks of wood to form cabinet doors. They’ll sand the cabinets smooth, stain them, and finish them. If you buy reclaimed wooden cabinets from a company, you can expect that they’ll be the same quality as their new wood cabinets.

You can also find reclaimed wooden cabinets yourself if you know where to look. If you’re going to do the work yourself, it’s advisable to find old cabinet doors that you can restore. An old cabinet door that has been used in a house or business for decades will pick up many of the same characteristics as barnwood or other types of distressed wood.


Restoring Old Cabinets

 If you choose to buy old cabinet door and restore them, you want to make them sound but you don’t want to overdo it. If you completely restore the cabinets, they’ll look brand new. That’s a great way to save money but not the look you’re going for. Sand away rough spots but don’t fill in old nail holes and don’t sand away scratches.

A good, light-colored stain will enrich the natural color. Then you can finish them and install them.


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