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Replace vs. Reface Cabinets

Cabinets take up almost all the space in your kitchen or bathroom and the look of them can really impact how you feel about the space. The cabinets can also affect how the kitchen functions. If you cabinets are outdated, ugly or damaged you may be wondering what your options are for fixing them.

Refacing cabinets is one of your options. When cabinets are refaced it means you take the existing door fronts and drawer fronts off and replace them with updated doors. You may also reface your cabinets by painting or refinishing the fronts. Some companies even offer a service where they add a thin veneer to the existing cabinets to change the look.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to consider refacing rather than replacing your cabinets. First if your cabinets are solidly constructed and function well this is an ideal choice. IF the cabinets are worn and damaged the refacing will address the aesthetics but not fix the functionality of the cabinets. Refacing worn and damaged cabinets may give you some time before you need to fully replace your cabinets but will likely just delay the inevitable and cost you extra money. Refacing cabinets costs about more than half the cost of new cabinets so you will really want to make sure it is your ideal choice.

Cabinet replacement is necessary when you need to change the layout or functionality of the cabinets. The replacement is done to change the function of the kitchen space and may change the appearance of the space but that is generally not the main reason for the project.

If you are trying to decide between replacement and refacing you will want to sit down and think about the function. If you would keep your kitchen layout identical to how it currently is then a refacing is a great choice. If your budget is limited refacing may also be your best choice. But if you want to make structural changes, upgrade the cabinet quality or change the layout then new cabinets are your ideal choice.

Custom kitchen cabinets are an investment in your home but also a beautiful function addition you can enjoy for years and years to come.


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