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Small Kitchen? A Great Reason for Custom Cabinets!

Do your friends refer to your kitchen as “cute” …. or maybe they say it’s “quaint”? Either way, those are usually code words meaning small. There’s nothing wrong with a small kitchen. It comes down to preference. But, just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from custom cabinets. If anything, it might be the #1 reason to have custom cabinets.  Here’s a couple of reasons why!


One of the many benefits of a modern kitchen is storage space. Smaller kitchens may not have the space needed to accommodate “off the shelf” cabinets. By working with a local custom cabinet builder, you can get what you need in the space that you have available. According to, “If the area you’re working with might not accommodate cabinets in standard sizes, an option is to have custom cabinets built in your kitchen to provide you with the storage you need in your tight space. Custom cabinets are individually crafted according to the homeowner’s specific design requests.” I think the key word here, is “specific”. If you use your Kitchen Aid mixer every day, you’ll need someplace convenient to store it when it’s not in use. Moving it to the basement or the garage when it’s not in use simply won’t due.


You can’t create space without making some major structural changes. But, you can create the appearance of more space with custom cabinets. Simple additions like glass front cabinets, or under counter lighting will give you the feel of a bigger space. A recent article on said, “One of the simplest ways of ‘expanding’ a kitchen is incorporating glass, which lets you see through the objects, thereby enhancing the feeling of spaciousness or what designers call ‘negative space.’” By working with a local custom cabinet builder and incorporating simple tricks like this will help you get more out of that small space!


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