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Sticking to Your Remodeling Budget

Kitchen remodels are a big undertaking but there are a lot of ways to avoid breaking your budget. We will help you figure out how to stick to your plan below to best ensure you do not exceed your preset budget.

First, you need to set a reasonable budget for your kitchen remodel. You will want to figure out how much it will take to do all the different remodeling aspects you are wanting to complete. If you want new counter tops, back splash, custom cabinets, new flooring, paint, etc. you will need to set aside an amount of money that can covers all these aspects. Talk to friends and family that have gone through remodels, check out forum posts about remodeling, and get a few bids from local professionals to help you get these numbers together. It’s important to research to get a realistic budget.

Next, you will want to figure out what to include in your budget. When you are running the numbers be careful not to forget parts of the project like hiring a plumber to install faucets, new appliances, etc. If it’s a big project, you may want to consider hiring a general contractor to run these different aspects.

Don’t skimp on the permanent additions. Cabinets are harder to change then a faucet or lighting fixture. If you are reaching the top of your budget and unsure where to cut costs you should consider things that can be easily remedied later. A cheaper lighting fixture can be change very easily when you have had a chance to save and build up another remodeling fund. Flooring, cabinets and counter tops are a much bigger undertaking and should be your biggest focus, especially when budgeting.

Consider custom cabinets. Custom cabinets can really add a big punch to your remodel. They add style to the whole space and will accommodate exactly what you need in your home. Cabinets generally take up about 35% of a remodeling budget.

Plan for the unexpected. It is not uncommon to find an issue when remodeling a home. You might find plumbing that needs fixing, wiring that needs changing, pipes need rerouting or things may cost more than you expected. Make plans to accommodate these extra expenses to help you stick to your budget.

In the end being reasonable and having a good plan is all you need to stick to your remodeling budget.


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