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Storage Ideas for your New Custom Kitchen

Storage space for food in your kitchen may be in short supply but with the right cabinetry addition you can find room for your Costco haul and more. The kitchen pantry is a catch-all phrase for anywhere food is stored in your kitchen and there are so many great ways to organize and set up a kitchen pantry even in limited space.

A pantry often refers to a walk in space with shelves lined with boxed and canned food items floor to ceiling as well as paper towels and other kitchen needs.

As homes have changed over the years pantry space has changed as well. Large kitchens have become a big priority for a lot of homeowners but traditional pantries have become less appealing. Pantry cabinets have become more popular and can be a great way to keep the storage space of a pantry while keeping a certain style.

One option is to add a vertical storage system with cabinet doors. Adding spice shelves to the inside of the doors helps to relieve clutter in your cabinets without needing a total remodel. If the shelving and hinges are strong enough this can also be a way to store canned goods or food storage products like plastic bags and plastic wrap.

Roll out shelves or Drawers-

Another option is to add roll out shelves or drawers to base cabinetry. These roll outs allow you to fully access the back parts of your cabinets rather than it become a hidden area. Pull out drawers are also great for organizing pots and pans in a manner that allows you to easily access them . When you are able to add drawers to bottom shelves you regain a great deal of space that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Vertical Pull- Out Pantries-

These vertical pull out pantries are a great option for maximizing space and giving you a great view of all the items you have in your cabinet. Pull out pantries essentially look like a collection of drawers that are pulled out at the same time. Often times you can access either side of the cabinet so you can truly maximize every inch of this space.

Chef’s Pantries-

A chef’s pantry is a great option for someone looking for a highly organized and “customizable” pantry space. A chef’s pantry is typically a custom cabinet with multiple panels or vertical storage that can be rotated for even further storage behind the panel. This is the most easily organized option and great for deep cabinetry.

In the end there are benefits and draw backs to each style of pantry. The best pantry option is what works best for your needs, style and budget. Pantry organization has come a long way and can add an element of style and practicality to your home.


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