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Having Trouble Designing Your Custom Kitchen? Sweetwood Can Help!

Unless you’ve worked in hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of kitchens over the years, there’s a good chance you may struggle a bit when designing the layout of your new cabinets. That’s understandable. Sometimes you need help stirring up those creative juices. Here are a few areas that our experts can help you decide upon.


There are many wood species to choose from when selecting your custom cabinets. From Maple, Oak, Alder, to Hickory you can go crazy just trying to figure this part out on your own. Our team can help you select the best wood for your project. Maybe you want something that’s naturally lighter color. If so, perhaps a maple will work well. In any event, you’re not alone…Sweetwood Custom Cabinets will help you get through these decisions. Some folks may want more “wood grain” look, while others may not. Walk through these options with a pro. It will make a big difference in the finished product!


There are many trends that are hot in the Boise area now. From gray colored cabinets to glass fronted cabinet doors, only your imagination will limit your selection in design options. Check out our previous post about design trends for 2017.  One of our favorite trends involves two-tone kitchens with islands different colors from the remaining cabinets. Very cool look!


Are you looking for extra functional spaces? Like appliance garages or hidden spice racks? There are numerous ways to enhance the look, and functionality, of your kitchen. Do you have a unique need that nobody else can seem to satisfy? This is the perfect fit for custom cabinet solutions. Many people have mixers, or other large pieces of equipment that just can’t seem to find a home. What about homeowners that are extremely tall or short? Adjusting the counter height to fit your unique needs will make a world of difference in the overall functionality of your kitchen.


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