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Unique Ideas For Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware, such as drawer pulls and hinges, isn’t exactly the most exciting subject. However, your hardware can really pull together the look of your kitchen. That’s especially true since distressed and repurposed wood is so popular. Gray and gray undertones are also very popular. Those unique looks demand unique hardware. Fortunately, there are many ways to come up with some truly unique drawer pulls.

Pipe Fittings

Anything brass is going to look great with warm tones such as hardwood. Brass pipe fittings also lend a very industrial look to your kitchen. You could use brass flanges, sections of pipe, washers or anything else. The easiest way to attach them to your cabinets is with some brass or copper bolts. They should thread right into the existing holes for hardware.

Scrap Wood

If you want to keep with a theme of distressed or repurposed wood, you could actually use scrap wood for the fittings. They don’t have to be uniform. In fact, it’s better for the theme if they’re all slightly differently. Depending on the types of pulls you need and the scrap wood you have, pieces of wooden dowel work great as pulls. Cut them to about an inch long and attach them to your cabinets. You can also use pieces to make handles. You simply need to sand them smooth. You can also use black tea or paint thinner to make them look distressed.


If you go to an antique mall or even just a thrift store, you’ll likely encounter several different pieces of old furniture. Many of them are in horrible states of disrepair; that doesn’t mean they can’t make good drawer pulls though. Oftentimes, the wood and paint are the first to go but the metal hardware is still good. The hardware often has a patina of age on it that looks very good. If you can get a good price on it, antique furniture is a great source for drawer pulls and hardware.

Industrial Sources

Depending on the look in your kitchen, you might not need kitchen hardware at all. It’s very popular now to use hardware from more rugged applications. Some people even use hardware from exterior doors for their kitchen cabinets. The hardware is big and bold; it’s not subtle and hidden like most kitchen cabinetry. If that’s what you want, head to the section of the hardware store with the front doors.


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