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Sweetwood Cabinets - under stair pantry

Unusual Space in Your Home? A Perfect Place for Custom Cabinetry

If you look around your home, you’ll likely see plenty of unused space that seems destined to sit empty for eternity. It doesn’t have to be this way. Using custom cabinets will give you the chance to turn an “unusable” space into something functional and perhaps beautiful at the same time!

If you see the photo here, you’ll notice an odd shaped space beneath a stair case that has now become a fully functional pantry that is the envy of family, friends, Sweetwood Cabinets - under stair pantryand neighbors. It just takes a little bit of time and some creativity to turn wasted space into something amazing! We are always excited to have an opportunity to create something from nothing. That’s just one of the advantages of using custom cabinets. You can see more photos from this fun and exciting project on our Facebook page here. Don’t forget to “like” us while you’re there!

Garages and home offices are other opportunities to make something out of nothing through custom cabinetry. Think about the tools you use frequently versus the items that are in pseudo “long-term” storage in your garage. How would you like to have a work space designed especially for YOUR needs? If you’re going to be in your home for many years, why not invest in your home and make it work for you? One of the biggest benefits of home ownership is the fact that it’s yours and you can do whatever you’d like to do with it.

You can check out one of our previous blog articles on custom garage cabinets here and see why this may be a great opportunity to make your home work better for you. And what about the ultimate home office? Not all work happens in the garage…running a household is nothing more than running a business. Check out this article on creating the dream home office. These are both just simple examples of what imagination can do when you combine that with skilled craftsmen.


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