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What Cabinet Trends Are on the Rise?

Being able to predict what will change with interior decorating trends is useful for interior decorators, sellers, and anyone who wants to change their own cabinetry. Staying ahead of the trends is useful because it offers you the opportunity to get cabinets before they become difficult to find. For example, glass cabinets were very popular for a while. If you were to get glass cabinets before the trend hit, you would pay less and have more options than someone who waited too long. So, what trends are coming in the future?


Minimalism has been on the rise for a variety of different industries. It has expanded from everything from running shoes to home renovations. One of the most popular trends that is on the way in the coming year is the trend of minimalism. Designers have been designing and implementing different minimalist cabinets. One element of the trend involves removing the cabinet knobs or drawer pulls. Instead, the cabinet doors just have cutouts for you to grab and pull. The lines are much cleaner and simpler. Look for that trend to become more prominent in the coming months.

Hidden Appliances

Cabinets have long been used to hide appliances and trash cans. A drawer or cabinet that contains your trash can saves you some floor space and eliminates an unsightly trash can. However, the trend only looks to be growing. Newer cabinets have been known to contain dishwashers, refrigerators, and even the oven. That will create very clean lines in your kitchen.

Heavy Woodgrain

Heavy woodgrains have become popular as the trend towards rustic or distressed wood has become more popular. Common woods such as oak often have less pronounced woodgrains. Also, higher grades of wood have more uniform and lighter woodgrains. Those were popular for a long time but they’ve been reduced in popularity. That’s because older cabinets were often made using any wood that is available, which includes lower quality woods. As rustic and distressed wood trends seek to imitate these older cabinets, they’ve moved towards heavier woodgrains.

Those grains can also be enhanced by the choice of a type of stain. There are certain stains that are thicker in consistency and tend to lay somewhat over the top of the wood and reduce the grain. Black and dark grey stains will somewhat obscure the grain. Other stains will enhance the prominence of the grain. Look for those to become more popular.


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