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What’s Trending in Cabinetry Right Now?

Kitchen cabinets experience several different trends throughout the years. Some of them last for decades, and others are out with the new seasons. For example, hardwood has ebbed and flowed, but it’s always been pretty popular. Different synthetic cabinets come and go. Blue is one of the hottest new trends. Blue is often thought of as a color that doesn’t show up as much in nature. While that’s true, there are pops of blue all around, if you know where to look. Obviously, the sky and deep water are blue, but many beautiful flowers are blue as well. There are several shades of blue that can work for kitchen cabinets

Blue as a Neutral

Neutral colors are typically muted tones that are found in nature. Earth tones, for example, are common neutrals. Hardwood cabinets are mostly neutrals. White, tan, and brown are popular colors. However, blue can be used as a neutral if you pick the right shade of blue. The sky is typically a light shade of blue throughout the day and trends towards a deeper blue as the sun goes down. If you pick a shade of blue that’s readily seen in the sky, that could serve as a neutral. 

You could pair that with muted earth tones for a traditional, earthy look. You could also pair it with some stainless steel appliances for a more pronounced, industrial look. 

Blue as a Pop of Color

Blue doesn’t have to be neutral; it also can be a very striking color that draws the eye. If that’s the case, pick a blue that is bright and vibrant. Pick something that you might see in a flower or even a cartoon. Royal blue, aquamarine, and turquoise are great colors for cabinets that you want to stand out. The blue will draw the eye. So, you can pair it with neutral tones to make the cabinets pop. alternately, you can pair it with some more bold colors to create a vibrant and fun look. 

Blue That’s Almost Not Blue

Finally, you can use different shades of blue to achieve a look that’s close to white or close to black without being either. A very light shade of blue can look almost white while being subtly different. It will also be a little bit easier to clean than a true white. Alternately, you can use a blue that’s so dark that it’s almost black. However, when the light hits, you’ll see a little bit of color. That adds some depth to otherwise black cabinets. 


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