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Design Trends in Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Renovating a bathroom is a great investment both in money and time. A newly remodeled bathroom can increase the resale value of your home. If you are thinking of redoing your bathroom, you need to make sure that you set a budget and find the designer who is right for you. Then jump into the fun part-picking theme and deciding between all the new trends! So what is new in custom bathroom cabinetry? There always seems to be something moving and shaking in this area of the home and today it is no different. So join us as we take a closer look at some of these design trends in custom bathroom cabinets!

First, there are several themes that are currently taking over bathrooms. From industrial to minimalist, comfort, and efficiency, there is no shortage of choices, and the cabinets need to match the themes. There are some new materials going into bathroom design as well, some of which you will find in the custom cabinetry. Wood is coming back as a floor and wall covering, and the cabinets are at the forefront, being made of several different types of wood.

Different colors are being painted on wooden bathroom cabinets, some that have been around for a while and some that are newer. Deep Navy Blue is one of these colors and goes especially well with marble and brass. You may see an increase in the number of drawers in a bathroom vanity. Some designs feature two or three rows of drawers, and even more, one of these rows may be left empty and airy or be used for decorative storage using baskets or bins instead of drawers. 

Bright colors are coming into style, along with the new trends in interior design overall. It will not be uncommon to see bright colors on custom bathroom cabinets, grounded with white countertops and silver hardware. There is also an “open and airy” trend where drawers and doors are skipped altogether and instead open wooden shelves provide the sum of all cabinets in the bathroom. This allows for all kinds of decorating options from flower vases to seashells and even wire baskets. 

It’s time to get the little ones excited about routine, essential bathroom tasks such as brushing teeth! Colorful floating cabinets just might do the trick here with safety features and fun designs. This kind of cabinet can be child friendly and chic at the same time which is one of th reasons why we are seeing a trend here. Industrial pieces with exposed pipes and simple, squared cabinet designs are up-and-coming as well. We will also be seeing more contrasting colors on our custom bathroom cabinets. This adds pop and flair to the overall bathroom design, and custom cabinets are meant to be functional as well as beautiful. We will see both sets of size and shape conforming cabinets as well as vanities full of cabinets and drawers of all different sizes, shapes, and functions. 


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