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Kitchen Cabinets: #1 Most Desired Among Home buyers!

If you have spent any time at all watching renovation or home buying reality television shows, you’ve probably seen a common theme among buyers and remodelers concerning kitchens. No matter how the rest of the house looks, if the kitchen is top-notch everyone seems to be pretty happy!

That’s because the kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to selling a home! It’s been said that the “kitchen is the heart of the home.” In today’s contemporary designs, beautiful kitchen cabinets are the focus of home buyers across the board. The open-concept living that’s now in high demand dictates that one’s kitchen must have an aesthetic appeal to visitors. Gone are the days of kitchen cabinets simply being “someplace to put your dishes”! Now they are an integral part of your interior decoration/design. An article on Realty Times discussed a survey by SieMatic Corp that said 85% of those that responded said the kitchen’s condition plays a major role when making their home buyer decision! With that in mind…ask yourself, “Is my kitchen ready to be my home’s showplace?” If a potential buyer is on the fence, it may come down to the kitchen! If you’re considering a renovation prior to selling, check out a couple of our previous blog posts to help you through the decision making process. This post about Transitional Design will help explain the mixing of traditional and modern designs. This second post talks about European Frameless cabinets and American Face Frame cabinets. Again, these may be new topics for you and it will be worth your time to check them out. To sum it up…if you’re thinking about selling your home…be sure the “heart of your home”, is in great shape!


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