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Signs it’s time to update your kitchen cabinets


Kitchens are the most used and loved rooms in most people’s homes. People spend so much time cooking, cleaning and entertaining in their kitchens but it can feel like a huge commitment to update your kitchen. Cabinets begin to wear out after years and years of use. The signs that cabinets need to be replaced may be less obvious then other aspects of our homes because they may still function but no longer have the appeal they once did. The structure of cabinets may allow you to refinish or paint them rather than replacing them but some cabinets just need to be replaced and cannot be repaired.

If your cabinets are beginning to fall apart this is an obvious sign that they need to be replaced. If the doors are loose, knobs are falling off shelving is rickety or the cabinets are pulling away from the walls it is time to consider replacing your cabinets. Not all cabinets are created equal and if your cabinets are made of a flimsy or cheap material they likely cannot be resurfaced or painted. The investment you’ll make in replacing and repairing lower quality cabinets will be a waste since new drawer fronts and doors will not make them any stronger.

If your cabinets are starting to look terrible it’s time to consider how you can replace or repair them. Broken corners, faded and tired looking materials, stains, cracks, and chipped paint are all issues that may warrant replacing the cabinets. If the hinges have ripped out of the cabinets there is not much you can do to repair these cabinets. Smaller issues can often be repaired but when all the cabinets start to look damaged and worn it’s often a better financial decision to just replace the cabinets.

Cabinets can begin to smell overtime and hold the odors of your kitchen. If your cabinets have begun to smell the only way to fix this is to replace them. Spilled food in moles are two common smells like it into your cabinets and cannot be removed. Oftentimes mold smells in cabinets will transfer to whatever is put in that cabinet including towels, plasticware, food or other materials.

If your cabinets are metal there isn’t much you can do to repair them and replacing them is the only option. Metal cabinets often have dings and dents as well as scratches that cannot be remediated. At one time metal cabinets were chic and trendy but now they just look tired and worn out. There is really no fixing the look of metal cabinets, the only option is replacing them.

If you were looking to change the layout of your cabinets the only real option is to replace the cabinets. Customizing your kitchen is a great option for maximizing your space and custom-made cabinets are a beautiful investment in your home. Custom built cabinets are often a higher quality than store-bought cabinets and this customization can really impact the way your cabinets feel and look. Rebuilding a kitchen around cheap cabinets is throwing good money after bad. 

If you have decided to replace your appliances you may find that the cabinets also need to be replaced. Depending on the age of your appliances the opening may not fit new appliances. Putting a shiny new fridge and oven into your dated kitchen will often make your cabinets look worse than they did before you replace the appliances.

Having custom made kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen can improve the functionality of your space. A custom cabinet builder will work with you to find the perfect functional cabinets for your space. Building a kitchen around how you cook and utilize the space can make all the difference. Sweetwood cabinets offers beautiful custom cabinetry to fit any lifestyle.


Why White Oak is a Great Material Choice for Kitchen Cabinets


Oak is an ideal option for updating your kitchen cabinets for a variety of reasons. White oak is classically beautiful and very versatile. Many people believe oak is off trend but white oak is timeless and works beautiful for cabinets no matter the current trends. The right species of wood for cabinets allows the cabinets to fit any style ranging from modern to traditional. 

When choosing the wood type for your cabinets you may be overwhelmed by the options. The trends for cabinets seem to change regularly so we advise our clients to choose a species that meets their style and needs, functionality is far more important than the current trend. Oak is often the ideal option for cabinets because it offers a classic elegance while still being versatile. The finish of the cabinets is also incredibly important and white oak can be finished to look traditional or with stains and finishes that give a modern, sleek look to the cabinets. 

There is so much to love about white oak. The practical benefits are just that tip of the iceberg but the beauty of the grain patterns is really the start of the show. Many people are leery of oak cabinets because they remember the honey oak cabinets in nearly every home during the 1980s. Gone are the days of these ambered cabinets, now white oak can be stained to any color and does not have the dated look you likely associate with other oak cabinets. Red oak cabinets have also fallen out of style, many people are amazed how different red and white oak look. White oak has slowly taken over as the top flooring choice for hardwood flooring and it’s no surprise people are utilizing this beautiful wood in custom kitchens. 

White oak is incredibly durable making it a great cabinet option. Wood is measured on a hardness scale called the Janka scale and white oak comes in at 1360, this rating means it can withstand use without denting. If you have kids or plan to utilize your kitchen regularly a durable cabinet door is a top priority. White oak can withstand lots of use while still looking great. 

 The grain patterns of white oak are unmatched. In the past white oak was commonly flat cut. This is a less expensive cut that yields more material but doesn’t fully embrace the beauty of white oak. When white oak is flat cut there is an increase in cathedrals which can be less appealing.. If white oak is quarter sawn or rift cut more straight grain is revealed. Additionally more flecks are shown when wood is quarter sawn. By improving the way white oak is cut for cabinets it has become a more appealing cabinetry material. 

While the ambered and red tones of honey and red oak are out of style the undertones of white oak are an ideal canvas for cabinets. White oak has a green-brown or wheat color to it and can be stained to match your kitchen. Other oaks can be stained but the reddish undertones can skew the stain colors. White oak has mild tones that make it a great neutral that can work with nearly any countertop, backsplash or flooring

White oak is incredibly versatile. Modern kitchens look great with white oak cabinets because of their fresh clean look. Contemporary kitchens build off the warm earth tones in the wood and can create a homey feel. Traditional kitchens compliment the beautiful grain patterns beautifully. If you are looking to customize your cabinets further stains are a great option. Stain emphasizes the natural beauty of white oak, showing off the unique grain patterns. Stain is a great way to update existing white oak cabinets as well. 

Depending on the style of your home you may need to choose between northern white oak and Appalachian or southern wit oak. Both have similar looks but southern white oak tends to have more grain variability and color variation. Northern white oak is in high demand because it offers a more consistent look but Appalachian can fit many peoples style. If you have a farmhouse style kitchen, are looking for unique grain patterns or just want something with more color, Appalachian is a great option. 

White oak can be as understated or as fancy as you want. Many people choose white oak because it makes such a great neutral but it can also be the showstopper in your kitchen. Rift and quartered white oak is such a beautiful material that you will find many people in awe of your beautiful cabinetry. Adding intricate door designs can make your white oak cabinetry even fancier but white oak also looks great in a classic shaker door. 

White oak cabinetry is a beautiful classic option. When choosing cabinets for your kitchen remodel you can customize white oak with different stain colors, door styles and finish types. White oak cabinets can fit any style and the classic beauty will outlast any trend. Choosing a classic wood like white oak is a great investment in your home. Sweetwood is here to help with your custom cabinet needs. We are happy to discuss material options including white oak. Our team can help you create your dream kitchen, no matter what material you choose for your cabinets. 


Get the Most From Small Spaces with Custom Cabinets


Just because your kitchen is a small space doesn’t mean that it can’t be a functional and beautifully designed space. Custom cabinetry is a great way to maximize space with efficient storage. A custom cabinet design for your kitchen can eliminate wasted space. Kitchens have changed a lot in the last few years with more extensive storage options that create specific spaces for kitchen items rather than a catchall space. If you’re upgrading your kitchen, custom cabinetry is a great way to maximize space over standard kitchen cabinetry. There are a lot of unique cabinetry options that really help maximize a small space. 

Deep drawers are a great way to store pots and pans in a more efficient manner. You don’t have to dig into deep cabinets to find things but instead can pull the whole storage space out with a well-built drawer. Deep drawers are the best solution for lower cabinets because they maximize the space better, pull out storage is the only way to go on lower cabinets. Pots and pans fit beautifully in the deep drawers and you will no longer have to move things out to access the back. 

Just like the deep drawers there are also slender pull out shelving options that allow you to maximize the space for a full size cabinet may not fit but there is a gap that will fit a small section of shelving. In a small kitchen maximizing every inch of space is vital. Custom cabinet makers are able to really make sure every inch is utilized. Many people find that pull-out slender shelving by their stove is a great place to store their spices or cooking utensils. We often see knife storage in these sorts of cabinets as well. When you build a custom kitchen you can make a spot for everything. Slender pull out shelving is a great way to declutter your space. These cabinets are designed for organization and often make it easy to keep a space organize.

Say goodbye to wasted corner space. The corners of kitchen cabinetry are often hard to access and use. Overtime we have seen Lazy Susan’s and other solutions to create organization in these sorts of cabinets. The Lazy Susan works well but there are new innovative solutions that better utilize this space. A deep pull out shelving solution is a great way to fully maximize a corner of your kitchen. Your custom cabinet maker can show you a variety of different Lazy Susan designs and pull out shelving designs to ensure every inch of usable storage is maximized.

A pantry cabinet is another great solution to maximizing space. Many people find they can utilize a wall in their dining room or close to the kitchen for a standalone pantry cabinet. These cabinets are great for storing food, small appliances and can be built from floor to ceiling to maximize space. A slim cabinet can also be used if you don’t have a lot of room but want somewhere to store snacks, canned food and other smaller, more shallow items. If you don’t want to go from floor to ceiling you can also add a countertop to make a coffee bar, store the microwave or serve as a display area on top of your pantry cabinet.

Custom cabinetry works with the new designs of refrigerators and maximizes storage. Commonly you have seen cabinetry above the refrigerator recessed and not maximizing the space. A custom cabinet maker can bring that cabinetry forward to give the fridge a more built-in look and add more storage. Building cabinets around the fridge is a great way to maximize cabinet space in the kitchen.


Consider adding an appliance garage to keep your countertops clutter free. An appliance garage is often put in a corner of the kitchen where small appliances can be slid in to be covered up instead of being stored on the counter. The space is not always super well organized but it’s a great way to camouflage clutter. If you have a toaster, blender, mixer or other small appliance to use regularly but want to have a place to put away an appliance garage is a great solution. Your custom cabinet builder can work with you to ensure the appliance garage meets your needs. Adding outlets to the appliance garage is also a great way to ensure the small appliance make it back into their home.


Utilizing all the space in a small kitchen is vital, toe kick drawers are a great way to utilize even more of your kitchen space. A custom cabinet builder can add special drawers in the toe kicks to store less frequently used items. Seasonal placemats, kitchen towels, baking sheets, and other items can be put into these under cabinet drawers to be stored. This maximizes the drawer space in the house giving you even more storage than you can imagine. Custom cabinet makers have come up with amazing ways to add more storage in the toe kick tab and it is one of those.


Working with a custom cabinet maker may seem frivolous for a small kitchen but when you think about all the wasted space you can reclaim it is so important. Standard cabinets are one size fits all but in a small kitchen utilizing every inch of space is a mess. A custom cabinet maker is your resource for organization, space maximization and of course unbeatable beauty and craftsmanship.


Schedule Your Custom Cabinet Quote Now for 2022


Choosing the timeline for remodeling your kitchen can be hard but if you are starting to plan you may want to consider starting to get custom cabinet quotes. The 2022 season will fly by and with the current state of imports and supply chain issues if you wait until you are ready to schedule your project may be delayed months. Starting the process early is a great way to ensure your custom cabinets are available when you are ready. 

Supply chain has become a huge part of our day to day lives but there are other things to consider when scheduling a kitchen remodel. First, your family’s schedule is a huge factor to consider. If your child plays a sport that is during a specific season you may want to consider scheduling your remodel in the off season. A busy family schedule can make a remodel feel even more hectic. 

Next, consider if you have a plan for meals. If you plan to bbq all your meals while your home is being remodeled, summer is probably more ideal than a winter kitchen renovation. Much of your space will likely be impacted so outdoor dining may be your only option. If your home has a large laundry room or garage that can house a microwave, heat plate and fridge the weather may impact your decision less. 

Weather is a huge factor to consider, if you are moving windows or doors winter is probably less ideal in Idaho. The cold air will really affect your quality of life in your home during this process. The same can be said for summer in Idaho and you may want to choose months that are more temperature neutral. The hot summer air leaking into your home may be more miserable for some than the cold winter air. Your custom cabinet maker may have an opinion of the best season for installation as well because of the humidity and its effect on wood for cabinets. Schedule your custom cabinet quote now can help you find out when they advise you to install new cabinets to help set the schedule for you. 

Discounts during the slow season may be a motivating factor for when you schedule your kitchen remodel. Black Friday is a common day for big box stores to run promotions but a custom cabinet maker may offer discounts at different times based on seasonal impacts. Discounts during the holidays and other slow times can make a big impact on your overall budget and are something you may want to consider if you dont mind your home being torn up over Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

By scheduling a quote now you can talk to your cabinet maker about lead times. With the current supply chain issues you may find that lead times are much longer than you anticipated. Lead times vary based on the materials used, size of the kitchen and the builder. Understanding that these lead times will also change if the builder gets new orders is important. 

In the end getting a quote is the best way to start planning for a kitchen remodel. If you are considering a kitchen remodel in 2022 you may discover that unless you start the process now the cabinets may be in production until 2023. There are a lot of factors affecting these unprecedented lead times.



New custom cabinets are a great addition to your home. They offer lasting beauty, a touch of class, and they can subtly pull together the entire aesthetic of your home if done right. Of course, when you’re having cabinets installed, you want to consider the other furniture in your home and the materials they are made of, and make sure that your cabinets will match the overall look. But there are a few other things to consider as well.

Top 3 Best Wood Species For Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are easy to overlook sometimes, but without them, a kitchen just wouldn’t be the same. Your cabinets give your home character and style. They hold your important kitchen stuff. They are often the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen. So what are the best species of wood you can have for your cabinets? It depends on whether you are looking for beauty, durability, or value. Some species can combine these qualities, and there are a variety of species to choose from. So let’s have a look!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Set Your Home Apart From The Competition


A minor kitchen remodel is one of the top things you can do to increase your home’s value and set you apart from the competition. It is also one of the projects that will deliver a higher return than others. Your kitchen cabinets are almost like the face of your kitchen, and when you customize them, it’s just like giving that space a face lift. When a person walks into a kitchen, the eyes are often drawn to the cabinets first, since they sit at eye level.  What do your current cabinets say to your visitors?

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets-


One of the newest kitchen trends is to add two tone cabinets. The days of all matching cabinets is long gone and homeowners are enjoying the ability to add style and design to their kitchen.

Two tone cabinets can add a focal point to your kitchen. Making a wall of cabinets, the island or a certain area a unique color can really add style to the room and give the room a great center of attention. The two tone cabinets can make the island look more like a piece of furniture than another cabinet.

Two town cabinets can also create an optical illusion which can lower or raise the ceiling depending on your goal. Darker upper cabinets can make the ceiling feel lower and more cozy while lighter uppers can create the illusion of more space. Creating space with two different color cabinets can really transform the look of a room. Darker lower cabinets are also great at hiding dirt from feet on the toe kicks.

Adding two different color cabinets can modernize the space. Traditional kitchens have the all cabinents matching look so refinishing some with a new color can really add a modern touch. This can be a great way to change the look of the kitchen without a total remodel. The two colors can also break up the room by eliminating too much of one color. All white is a great look but it can be overpowering.

Finally, two tone cabinets can be good for a relationship. Compromising on adding both people’s favorites can allow you to both get a piece of what you wanted. Remodeling can be hard on a relationship and compomise can be hard to come to but with two cabinet colors you can have a beautiful stylish space.

Don’t be scared off by the idea of stark cabinet changes. You can do a simple combination like a white island with espresso cabinets or light gray lower and white upper cabinets. The combination can be subtle and still make a stylish impact.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets - Sweetwood Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets & Cleaning


Kitchens are notoriously messy places and need to be cleaned regularly to help keep them looking good. Grease splatters, steam, spills and other messes can wind up on your cabinets and cause them to look worn and dingy. Keeping your cabinets clean is important, even more so if they are clean.

kitchen cabinet additions - Sweetwood Cabinets

Small Kitchen Additions that make a Big Difference


Adding a custom kitchen to your home is a big deal but there are so many ways to add an additional impact to your home. Custom kitchen cabinets can become heirloom items in the right home if the family plans to maintain the residence for generations.  Adding these features can help turn any kitchen into a work of art. Adding these small rarely noticed details can be a true life changer.

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