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Kitchen Cabinets & Cleaning

Kitchens are notoriously messy places and need to be cleaned regularly to help keep them looking good. Grease splatters, steam, spills and other messes can wind up on your cabinets and cause them to look worn and dingy. Keeping your cabinets clean is important, even more so if they are clean.

The faces of your cabinets need to be cleaned every other week to ensure they stay in good condition. Using the right cleaner is vital to ensuring you don’t do more harm than good. Painted cabinets need to be treated with extra care. Abrasive cleaners and cleaning tools can cause the paint to dull or become damaged.

During bi-weekly cleanings you should start with the gentlest approach and work your way up to ensure you only do what is necessary and best protect the paint. If the most gentle method does not work you can slowly become more aggressive until you are able to get the cabinets to come clean.

The most gentle method for cleaning cabinets is to wipe the cabinets down with a soft damp cloth. This helps to remove dust and splatters from the cabinets. This is a simple method and is all you need for bi-weekly cleanings.

If there is grease or grime on the cabinets you may need to mix in some detergent. Add detergent to a bucket and add warm running water to create suds. Take a microfiber cloth and dip it in the suds and wring it out and use it to wipe the cabinets. Use a circular pattern and continue until the grime is gone. Use a second cloth that is damp but has no detergent and use circular strokes to remove any soapy residue. Finally wipe down the cabinets with a dry microfiber to dry the cabinets.

If there are grease spots you may need to use special techniques and solutions. Baking soda and vinegar mixtures can work and can be sprayed on and allowed to sit and then wiped away. These messes can be a bit harder to get off but you still want to be gentle to ensure you don’t dull the paint.

If you have painted cabinets you should make sure to clean up messes and spills as quickly as possible. Adding cabinet wipedowns to your cleaning schedule and your cabinets will look beautiful and clean for years to come.

Painted cabinets are a great way to update your kitchen but keeping them cleaning is vital to their longevity.


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