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Small Kitchen Additions that make a Big Difference

Adding a custom kitchen to your home is a big deal but there are so many ways to add an additional impact to your home. Custom kitchen cabinets can become heirloom items in the right home if the family plans to maintain the residence for generations.  Adding these features can help turn any kitchen into a work of art. Adding these small rarely noticed details can be a true life changer.

Remodeling can be grueling and hard on homeowners. It can be difficult to figure out which features you need and which ones you can pass on. These features are the best additions to make an impact on your overall enjoyment of your new kitchen. Not just for today, but for years to come!

Cabinet Sub Tops

Cabinet sub tops are a small addition of a piece or plywood or melamine between the top and in between the sides of the cabinet. This small addition keeps dust and dirt out of the cabinets when being installed. Keeps the cabinets square, essentially creating a jam proof drawer. It may not seem like much, but it’s always nice to keep dirt out of your cabinets!

Soft Closing Hinges and Drawers

These features really make a difference when you have kids and adds a very nice touch to your home. The soft close cabinets and drawers are an upgrade you will be happy you added. Most any newly constructed custom cabinets will be expected to have this feature. If your builder doesn’t ask, be sure to inquire about adding them to your new kitchen.

Drawers Instead of Cabinets on the Bottom

Adding drawers to your lower cabinets instead of traditional cabinets add better organization and improved usage in your cabinets. You can better access the back of your cabinets and really maximize the space. Ask anyone that has drawers in their lower cabinets and they’ll tell you they couldn’t live without them now!

These small additions can really make a world of difference in your home. Custom cabinets are a huge additional to your home and can make a beautiful space to enjoy and these features will add that many more enjoyment to your space.


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